Spa with a masseur and a client who have a relaxing massage with Tibetan music bowls


Himalayan bowl massages are performed by placing the bowls directly on the body, or around the pranic field, also known as the “Breath of Life”, thus surrounding you with their vibrations.

The stationary wave of the heart is momentarily and rapidly driven
similar to that of a massage: the heart and pulse vibrate in gentle resonance.

The nervous system automatically switches to parasympathetic mode. A change in heart rhythm then occurs, urging the body to eliminate toxins, calming physical tension and mental agitation.

A door opens onto an infinite aspect of yourself, towards greater liberation, and an opening of the heart to yourself and to others.



Our bodies are made of crystalline structure, manifesting as solid and liquid crystal.

They react to the resonant energy frequencies of the crystal bowls through the electricity and magnetism they release.

Like two tuning forks of the same frequency, crystal bowls can communicate with our crystalline bodies, transmitting nutrient energy resonantly like an echo to our energy points (chakras and meridians), as well as to the brain, nervous system, heart and mind.

Positive effects created from meditative states of crystalline sound include immune system, heart rate, blood pressure, muscle relaxation, mental relaxation…

Feeling the “inner touch” of crystalline sounds, our cells vibrate in rhythmic unison with the vibratory wave of the crystal being sung.

A natural alchemy takes place, transforming any dissonance into a peaceful, harmonious state.



Known and used in ancient Egypt, magnetism is a vital or subtle energy called Prana, Chi or Mana, worked by the laying on of hands, without contact.

Combined with the power of intention, the frequency of crystal vessels, form waves and the Crystal Heart, this session can re-energize a part of the body, boost the immune system, cleanse and harmonize the chakras, and rebalance the energy body.

INTENTION is a universal force, an invisible and unlimited field of energy, of which we are all a part.

CRYSTAL HEARTThe shape of the instruments, derived from sacred geometry, radiates Crystal energy in resonance on all the body’s energy levels, revealing our aptitudes and talents, our most luminous parts, stimulating and amplifying them to gently recover the right memories and place us harmoniously on our life path.

PLATO’S SOLIDS (or form waves) each have their own characteristics and correspond to a particular body: physical, energetic, emotional, mental and astral.


For each individual session, Gaëlle offers personalized support tailored to your needs. Gentle guidance towards well-being and alignment, with the removal of blockages, limiting beliefs and the release of cellular memories, for growth and reconnection to your inner source,



All stones or crystals are imbued with the wisdom of the earth, and hold their own colored vibration, in synergy with our own frequencies. Accompanied by my guide connected to the Care Crystal of the Stupa Pendulum, you are invited to come and discover your life stone, or your stone of the present moment.



Need to relax, cleanse your body of tension, free and soothe your mind?

Lying on a futon or yoga mat, with a pillow for your head and your eyes closed, let yourself be carried away by the frequencies of sound, the universal vibration of the gong. Accompanied by various instruments that can be played in addition to introduce other vibratory energies (Himalayan bowls, crystal bowls, tuning forks, shamanic drums, koshis, chimes, rain sticks, etc.), I invite you on a journey of sound that will gently lead you to a shift in consciousness, a harmonization of your being.

Enveloped in an infinite range of powerful, lilting tones, your vibratory rate rises, and the frequencies of therapeutic and shamanic instruments invite your cells to undergo a deep cleansing, urging your body to free itself of toxins.

A deep relaxation of your mind, a real letting go in awareness of the present moment, guides you towards a harmonious rebalancing on the path to natural healing.

A resonant journey to the Heart of the Self.


Sonotherapy is not a substitute for medical treatment! Any serious pathology requires appropriate medical care.


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Frequently asked questions

Sonotherapy is sound and vibration therapy.
I intervene with different instruments whose frequencies have the effect of cleansing, balancing and revitalizing the energy centers (Chakras). Particularly rich in harmonics, these frequencies bring relaxation, letting go, and a release of psycho-corporal tensions. They balance the natural electromagnetic field emitted by our body.

Sound massages are performed with various instruments such as Himalayan bowls, crystal bowls, gongs, tuning forks, shamanic drums, koshis, chimes, rain sticks, chants and mantras…

Their benevolent, harmonious sounds induce a state of well-being, deep relaxation and soothing. Their vibrations encourage the inner journey, literally enveloping the body and raising its vibratory rate. Their frequencies release large quantities of accumulated negative energy, and their tones recharge the body’s energetic balance.

Because our whole being spontaneously knows how Inter reacts to the language of sound frequencies. Like a musical instrument, by resonating in unison, a natural affinity is created!

Receiving a sound massage is like bathing in sound, inviting our cells to a global harmonization and deep relaxation of the whole body. 

To receive a sound treatment is to invite our cells to tune in to the universal sacred vibration.

Receiving a sound bath is a unique emotional and physical experience!

Sonotherapy is suitable for everyone, whatever their age, physical, mental or emotional condition. However, the vibratory intensity of the instruments is adapted to each individual (reduced, for example, when the beneficiary is a child).

– Healthy people will feel refreshed and energized.
– People facing more complex problems, with emotional or health conditions, will find a deeper sense of relaxation, guidance on the path to wellness.
– From the age of 7, sound massages are very useful for hyperactive children.

Yes, sonotherapy is contraindicated in the following cases:

  • Women under 3 months or over 8 months pregnant
  • People with seizure disorders
  • Pacemaker holders, metal rods
  • Thick vein thrombosis, coagulated affected veins
  • Acute local infection
  • Recent surgery or fractures