Beauty comes from within


In a soothing setting, scented with incense and flowers, let yourself be enveloped in a confidential interlude of beauty and well-being.

Gaëlle Thibault Alpha, magnetizer and practitioner of energetic treatments, invites you to discover her range of treatments adapted to your needs, thanks to her palette of sophisticated energetic facial massage techniques and her various body symphony protocols,

In keeping with her values, Gaëlle uses organic, natural, eco-friendly products for her massages, made in Saint- Martin and France.


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Treat yourself to an enchanted break, an incredible rejuvenating bath, by experiencing energetic facial massages.



Come and discover the power of sound and let its healing vibrations and frequencies guide you on the path to peace of mind and body.



You’re dreaming of a natural beauty makeover!

Let yourself be transported into a world of elegance and creativity.


Micro-needles and Magnets

Applied to the acupuncture points that drive the face, the micro-needles and muscles, while being stimulated by micro-magnets. micro-magnets.

Gua Sha rose quartz

Practised in alternating hot and cold, using gentle massages or/and the combination of hot and cold. and supported, these semi-precious stones with their innumerable virtues stimulate meridians of the face, lymph, improve blood circulation, tone the muscles soothing and healing action. Gua Sha quartz rose can be very powerful in terms of results!

Les Diapasons

- C and G, which by the beauty of the frequency of their perfect fifth, F, tune up the physical and subtle bodies - The Sony Beauty System with its rose quartz crystal stimulates the various Facial tsubos (acupressure points)

Crystal Vessels

Through the beauty and power of their frequencies, the multidimensional magic of crystal bowls, also known as Crystal Vessels, enables deep and gentle work on the 7 subtle bodies: the physical body, the mental body and the emotional body. etheric body the astral or emotional body, the spiritual or causal body, the Buddhist plane... An inner touch at the heart of your DNA core.

Plato's Solids

Also called form waves, each has its own characteristics and corresponds to a particular body: physical, energetic, emotional, mental and astral.

The Himalayan Bowls

The frequency of the bowls activates cellular renewal, and their vibrations cleanse, balance and revitalize the energy centers (Chakras), providing deep relaxation.

The Tsubos

The Tsubo ancestor of Shiatsu, practiced in the ancestral Japanese tradition, is a technique based on combinations of Digit Pressure on acupuncture points. acupuncture points. These are considered to be vital energy points, with the effect of letting go of the body and emotions.

Crystal Heart

The shape of these instruments, derived from sacred geometry, radiates crystal energy from the highest spheres of light, stimulating and amplifying our most luminous parts, gently reconnecting us with the right memories and guiding us harmoniously along our life path.