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The story of our founder


After a 20-year career as a make-up artist in Paris, my passion for beauty and well-being naturally led me down rewarding paths.

My meeting with magnetizer and medium Pierre Yonas was decisive. Thanks to her teachings, I discovered the infinite potential of every human being in the gift of self and in our ability to radiate and share the luminous beauty of energy. I’m a “fire cutter” and energy healing practitioner.

At the same time, I became interested in the exceptional benefits and results of facial massage and the infinite potential of the facial meridians, as well as the healing and transformative power of sound frequencies. 

 I was then introduced to and trained in various techniques by recognized experts, so that I could create unique energetic protocols combining magnetism, massage and sound treatments. 

My aim is to accompany each person in their quest for natural beauty and overall balance.

Welcome to my world, where the beauty of energy invites you to a unique, sensory, holistic experience of harmony and healing. 

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